Untangled Podcast


What people are saying about the Untangled podcast:


“For most of my life I overcomplicated the Gospel or bent it to match my will, all the while missing out on the Father's deep love and His many promises towards me.  Untangled helped me cut through the clutter and misunderstanding and learn the simple yet profound truths of the Good News in ways that have forever changed me.” - Hannah, age 36


"The untangled teaching is where everything just seemed to click for me. What had sounded like a foreign language before, finally made sense. I understood the true meaning of the gospel and saw it through the lenses of love. I left the retreat eager to fall more in love with a man who I knew loved me unconditionally, who I was always in right standing with and who wanted good good things for me. His name was Jesus. “The spirit of the Lord will rest on him- the spirit of wisdom and of understanding” Isaiah 11:2" - Mackenzie, 22


"I came into these teachings with a lot of anger, doubt and fear.  I didn't want to be there.  Jesus had bigger plans than my feelings and circumstances and he rescued me through the good news being taught. Through the renewing of my mind to the truth of what Jesus has done on the cross and a new identity in and only in Jesus I was transformed from the inside out and every area of my life has been changed for the better. This IS the GOOD news of the gospel!"    - Ashley, age 35




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