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“The best gift you can give yourself is to know you are loved.”  - Gina Pettit

About The Untangled Podcast

We all have misbeliefs - about ourselves, about others, about whether God will accept us after all we’ve done - or not done. Life has a way of tangling up the truth. False beliefs keep us tethered to pain. Faulty thinking brings confusion and chaos.  We need the thoughtful guidance of a seasoned sojourner to get us through to the message of the cross: God loves us no matter what, no strings attached. No earning, no proving, no striving.

For more than three decades, Gina Pettit has helped countless women find freedom from self-defeating thoughts. Her teaching has inspired many to a higher view of God. 

In The Untangled Podcast, Gina helps women breathe deep, experience joy, and develop a sound mind.  “As a young thirty-something I had so much going on, I could not hold a complete thought,” Gina says. “In this podcast I talk about the the foundational truths that settled my mind down.” 

“No one has it all together, but you can be present in your own life,” Gina continues. “You can show up as your true self. You can think clearly.  Anxiety doesn’t have to rob you of life, hope and freedom.”

About Gina Pettit

Gina Pettit leads over a dozen home Bible studies each week. Together with her husband, Tom, Gina has created a series of Bible studies available on Amazon that form the foundation for The Untangled Podcast. The Pettits also host a weekly gathering of like-minded families called Receiving Grace.  When not leading retreats and small group studies, she enjoys a relaxed coffee with friends, the Hallmark Channel, classic movies, anything starring Nicolas Cage, a slice of key lime pie, a good board game and outdoor time with family.

The Pettits are proud parents of five grown children. The couple currently resides in Brentwood, Tennessee, with their two sometimes stinky dogs.








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